Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Character Concept

Here's my Draenei character, thinking of using her in story with a Night Elf futanari and a human girl, we'll see.

And here's another character I'm thinking of using in another story. Not everything I make will necessarily include futanari, I will probably have some lez stories too, I haven't got any feedback yet so I'm not sure what I'll focus on next.


  1. Focus on what YOU want to focus on! Just keep posting your work, and I know people will start to take notice!

    On a side note, once I'm finished with a project I'm working on I intend to expand on my site a bit. If you're interested, I could put a link to your blog in my Links section? Email me at if you're interested!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for the start, but the penis looks like it's mounted there. Nice faces. The elf has no feet. We have no business with animals. You want to make love to a horse. I think you can make the human race different and much more attractive by drawing.