Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chapter 14 - Aunt Kaori

Okay, that took longer than usual but I'm pretty happy with this one. I just want to take the time to acknowledge some of the comics that inspired me to make St. Irene. 
Some time in 2010 I came across Galaxy Pink who makes really amazing visual novels. If you have the time, check out her site. 
Some other great comics I like are "Innocent Dickgirls", "Bloodhunters Newhalf" and "Hotkiss Boarding School".
What kind of adult comics do you guys like? 

Download: Chapter 14

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Change of Plans

Hello everyone, I've been thinking alot about the future of "St.Irene School for Girls" and I've decided to shorten the series. The truth is I could probably go on forever adding new chapters and that's not necessarily a good thing. If I drag this on too long the story is bound to get stale and I don't want to see that happen. I've been getting alot of great feedback from the readers and the one comment I keep seeing is "can't wait to see the ending". To me, this means I've dragged the story on long enough and the readers want to see a grand finale.

So I'm going to start wrapping things up which will probably take about 5 more chapters. Technically this isn't really the "end" for the series as I'll continue to do image sets of the characters from SISFG but they will be mostly sex and far less dialogue.

Basically the ending is the setup for another series which won't be quite as story-driven as St.Irene.