Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Girl and her Avatar

This set is a continuation of an image I posted on deviantart called "Meet your Avatar". I decided to post the rest here ( thanks to Nightfall for the suggestion). Let me just repeat that all characters on this blog are meant to be 18 or older despite appearances. Put a petite woman next to a 6'5" Night Elf and theres gonna be an obvious size difference. This set has 14 images (6.6 mb).


  1. I'm glad you used my suggestion, it was a nice little set, well done.

  2. Thanks. I was a little paranoid about having such a young looking character on my blog.

  3. Trust me I had the same issue, after all look at the first comic with Mina and now Cynthia, even though I increased her height for the Christmas picture, she's gone back to her old height.