Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baldur's Gate Teaser

Alright the poll has been open for a while now and I think it's abundantly clear what you guys want to see. So while I'm getting prepared to start St.Irene2 I'm gonna be working on a Baldur's Gate set! :D So if you've played any of the BG games and you want to make ANY suggestions for this set, leave a comment asap because I'll be getting started soon.

Someone also requested a futa/cuckold set, which I might do before I resume St.Irene. If I DO tackle that project, Lisa will probably be in it and I might include some futa/male and feminization in that set, but I'd like to hear you guys' opinions about it.


  1. I'm pretty tolerant person, so I'll be fine.

  2. i'm cool with everything except the futa/male.

  3. hummm
    I really like the girl sucking the elf
    she looks so submissive and unprotected
    and the elf's dark skin gives it a touch of interracial, yummy

    do you have a release date for the first set?

    1. Well, unfortunately these two won't be appearing in the upcoming set. Sorry, if the teaser was misleading; I had to do some rewrites because the original set I had planned was just...crappy, and it would've cheapened the entire thing. The new story is actually sorta based off an in game event. Viconia and Nalia will have to wait for another set. Again i apologize.

    2. I forget to mention the release date. I can't say for certain, maybe in about a week or so.

  4. I'm waiting eagerly for the release
    but, please, don't forget St Irene

    Thanks for your work, it is appreciated