Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween 2014

Download: Halloween 2014 Set

Happy holiday everyone. This set has 40 images and WOW it sure did take a lot longer than I planned. But I think it came out pretty nicely although the pacing isn't that great imo and probably could have stretched this into a 60img set if I had the time. 
Meanwhile chapter 4 has been on hold (i'm about 1/3 done with that.) and unfortunately I've been suffering from a little creative block lately. So hopefully you guys like this one.
Also, fileswap will no longer be providing free file hosting after december 1st so I'm on the look out for a new file sharing service. If you know of one, please leave a comment.


  1. Hot stuff as always! I would have loved to see those other 20 pages you had in mind. ;-)

    As for free file hosting, you could use Google Drive. When you save files to your Drive, there's a "publish to the web" option that would allow other people to download your files. Don't know if that would do the trick for you.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry to disappoint you. My sets feature creampies often enough I thought I could leave it out.

    2. :''''''''''''''''(((((((((((((((((((((

  3. Nice Halloween set. Always nice to be somebodies bitch along side your mother. :)

  4. Loved it, even if it was short it was very well done, I love the work you do.

  5. A good free file hosting http://www.zippyshare.com ,good job with the halloween set.

  6. Love your work !

    In re file hosting, Mediafire offers a free account with 10 Gb capacity