Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! 

At this point it's too early to set any release dates for the next series to follow Ashbury Private Health Resort. Still working on sets, updating models etc. The series is going to follow Claire as she moves away to college. There will be plenty of new character aswell as most of the original characters: Kim, Denise, Lisa, Miaka, Angela, Geena Schwarz, Daniella, Sherry, Lana, and Sister Mary. 
Also I want to have more pure lesbian, and futa on futa scenes. Once I have everything ready, I'll try to post one chapter per month plus a mini set. 

And please check out my tumblr page for extra content I don't post here.


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    1. Hey not much to report just yet. Progress is slow, but i hope you got to see my newest model who will appear in the next project -