Friday, April 12, 2013

Chapter 8: The Intern Part 2

In chapter 8 Rachel finally gets the treatment. Is it successful? You'll have to read to find out c: (You get extra points if you can spot the famous quote from zelda). This was a fun chapter; it has 60 images and one animation (Download Here).
As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions.


  1. Wow that was a quick release and I don't mean Lisa lol.

    Another good issue but alas didn't find the zelda reference, don't play them much.

    How long did it take you to render the video, I tried doing one with Mina simply opening her mouth and it took ages.

    1. It's on image 39.

      The animation renders pretty quickly if you DON'T use uberenvironment lighting. Just use 2 or 3 distant lights with shadows disabled. Takes about 20 minutes to render 30 frames.

      What I did was animate 3 different loops, then used video editing software to repeat them and added sound.

  2. Man I really need to check Your blog more often, that was a quick update indeed, You even did an animation!- very smooth, I liked it a lot, and I think its an excellent addition to Your comic (don't feel bound to do it every chapter from now on if You don't feel like it though).
    That red pill got me curious, and the sex scene was very good.

    As for nintendo games quotations, the only one I know is: "Thank you Mario, but your princess is in another castle" :P

    A quality stuff, impatiently waiting for a new chapter :)

    1. Thanks, the next one should be out in about 2 weeks.