Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chapter 9: Girl's Night

This chapter we see get to see Susan again (from chapter 3) and Claire makes a startling discovery. Plenty of action in this one, but not much going on storywise in this one. The story is kinda getting longer and more complicated AS I write it, so theres no telling how long it's going to continue. I have a TON of chapters planned out for the future, and the next issue is one I've been looking forward to doing. You can download this chapter from the link below:


  1. The sex in that one was spot on and hot, well done.
    I can't wait to see Lisa's explanation for the mags.

  2. The stories are often difficult to tell or interpret, but do not worry, you're doing well :) , Hopefully you don't make an argument like Inception of Chris Nolan, that really was hard to understand :P

    I agree with NightF n_n,

    1. I admit the story is a little strange so I understand it can be difficult to follow. But I'm glad you like it :)

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    1. Hi Fas,
      I see You are getting famous, congratulations :)

      Don't worry, I think if people liked Bible Black series and as long as Your story stays coherent they shouldn't have problems with it.

      Glad You have a lot of ideas for new chapters, I'm also glad You care so much about the story, because I think porn without a story is nothing (but don't forget about explicit scenes :>).
      The jacuzzi scene was very sensual, and four characters in one set could have been a bit tricky to render so nice going there.
      When I saw Claire finding those magazines my imagination went wild on how this situation can develop.

      It will be such a looong wait :D

    2. Thanks, yeah the blog is slowly starting to get views, although we're still not nearly as popular as some of the other 3d blogs out there *sigh*.
      I totally agree about porn needing a story - makes it a hundred times more exciting when the characters actually have personalities rather than just being lifeless sexdolls.
      Claire's story arc will take a long time but I think you'll like it.

    3. Don't worry Fas, it only a matter of time, were still children in this sea of great names, one day we will be Vaesark's and Zzomp's of the future.

      But we have one thing they don't have, and that's a story.

    4. That's for sure :)
      I like Zzomp, though i prefer Epoch over Vaesark. While Vaesark's models look professional and crispy, i don't share His overly implied view of the scenes. There are some sets that I like, but i find most of His works only pretty.