Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kasumi Set

 This set features Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series and has 10 images which can be downloaded here.
And I made a couple animation loops: Animation1 Animation2 the animation came out a little choppy but I felt like sharing them anyway. Chapter 10 is in the works and should be done over the weekend sometime.


  1. Nice little set although going from image 6-7-8 was kind of confusing, I think 7 should have been before she started to insert the dildos.

    As for the animations, not as smooth or as nice as your animation from the last chapter but, nothing wrong with a work in progress, does this mean that maybe SISFG could be an animated comic in the future ;)

  2. The problem with animation is that if I want to render something with really good quality lighting, it would take like 6 hours to render just 30 frames. If I use simple lighting (no uberenvironment, shadows disabled) the render time is much faster but the quality isn't that good. I dunno, I'll probably just use it sparingly in the future.