Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog Birthday

Well, it's officially been one year since my first blog post so I felt like sharing some renders I made back before I started  St. Irene. About a year ago I was playing around with Poser 9, trying to come up with ideas for a comic about futanari school girls. It wasn't long before I gave up on Poser and went back to using Daz Studio. These are a few of the renders from my abandoned project. 

I think Poser is great if it's your first 3d program, (it's got great lighting options, and easier/faster animation features than Daz). It's weaknesses are poor camera control and the inability to handle too many models at once (although that really depends on the computer you're using).

It's been an exciting year for me, I never imagined something I made on MY computer would end up being distributed so widely on the internet and across so many countries. I want to thank everyone who has been supporting the blog this past year, especially Nightfall and Ymomy . Thank you both so much. 

For the next year, here is what I have planned out; first I want to finish St. Irene (series 1), then I want to start two other series concurrently: St. Irene (series 2) and another comic set in a fantasy realm. St. Irene2 is set in same world as St.Irene1 but will introduce many new characters. The fantasy comic i think will be set in the forgotten realms/D&D universe.

As for chapter 15, I've been experimenting with a lot of different things lately and right now I'm about half done and I'll try to complete chapter 15 by the end of the month. Also I'm working on an animation clip for this chapter.


  1. Happy Birthday mate, a year gone already and your journey is only just beginning, thank you for the mention, and I'm very pleased I met you and I'm looking forward to more Futa in the year to come :)

  2. Thanks. Without your support I might not have stuck with the blog for this long.

    1. Your welcome mate, along as you stand by my side and I by yours, neither of us will disappear :)

  3. Happy Birthday, You're doing great.
    The fantasy comic will be about a drow You mentioned some time ago I suppose?

    What else can I add to make more than just a "keep up the good work" type of comment, maybe some thoughts of feedback on the future comic. Hmm, it might be good to keep a bare minimum of realism, in my opinion, nonsenses like: ridiculously huge breasts, lactation without pregnancy, defloration without bleeding and so on, really don't add to immersion and make it difficult to take an author seriously.

    Looking forward to your new works and until next time :)

    1. For the fantasy comic I have a few characters already in mind; the drow assassin, a human girl (probably a druid or a thief), and a male barbarian. Whereas St.Irene was almost entirely futanari, the fantasy comic will have lots of monster on girl sex, some lesbian scenes and maybe just a little bit of futanari for good measure.

      Realism has always been important to me. Things like over-sized breasts, inflation, etc. I don't find them erotic in the least.

  4. Sounds very interesting, good luck :)

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  6. Hello again,

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    It is correct now.

    I hope we can keep in touch.

  7. SUPER Happy Birthday!! FAs I wish you many many many many success!!!!