Monday, September 30, 2013

Chapter 15: Discovery

Download: Chapter 15

In this one, I tried to give a scientific explanation for why they're futanari/herms. The science may not be totally believable but I think it's atleast as plausible as the science in Jurassic Park. :P 

Basically it has to do with chromosome structure. I read an article some years back about how the Y-chromosome might eventually be replaced by a new chromosome type. I've played with this idea a little bit and come up with an idea; I call it the K-chromosome. I chose the letter "k" because it looks structurally similiar to an "x". 

This imaginary chromosome I've invented has characteristics of both the X and the Y chromosomes. So in the St.Irene universe a person born with XK chromosomes is a futanari. 

Okay, I'm a bit of a nerd so feel free to ignore all that stuff I just wrote. I also made an animation clip for this chapter. 

Download it here: Lisa/AngelaClip


  1. Wow great sex scene, and I love the pregnant shot at the end, also enjoyed reading your scientific explanation well done mate. :)

  2. Thanks. Yep Linda is well pregnant now. You can probably guess what will happen now that her and Kimberley gotten together again. :P

  3. Hmm, where to begin... Very sensual and emotionally charged episode, really nice work on the facial expressions. More"scientific" approach was fun- it shows You care about the details in Your story. Sex scene was satisfying and not T-rated also peeping idea is quite a turn on.

    And of course, teaser on the last page forecasts very exciting chapter :>

    1. Thanks Tom. Next chapter will feature some new fetishes I know a few viewers have wanted to see.

      Also I hope you didn't miss the animation clip?

  4. By all means, please do. I even think it's not that hard to guess some of the fetishes You have in store for the next episode :D.

    The animation is great as well, smooth and captivating.

    Looking very forward :D for the next chapter.