Saturday, April 6, 2019

I'm Still Alive!

Oh hai. Let me just start by apologizing for my sudden disappearance. This last year and a half have been a struggle financially and professionally, I went back to school for a semester then immediately quit again, worked a few different jobs before I finally found something stable. So I'm in a much better position right now and finally I want to get back to the comic.

I came very close to abandoning 3D porn altogether, but...I can't leave it like this. The story must go on! Another thing is I'm kind of embarrassed by how amateurish my early work looks compared to now. After the last chapter I went back and reread the series and some of my early writing made me cringe a little.

So let's talk about the future a little bit. Claire is going away to college with maybe a few of her friends. Miaka found a new housekeeping job, Lisa will become school nurse at St.Irene, everything else is still up in the air. I may not be as fast at updating but I WILL update.

Thank you all for following and commenting and for all the support.


  1. Great hope to see more info soon

  2. i glad you to have a news of you,

  3. Welcome back is good to know about you

  4. Don't be rude with your early works : we love it !

  5. As a reader, I can help you with your story. I think you should get support from your followers. Ask them what you want. What kind of story do you imagine? Make sure great ideas going to come from countries such as Turkey. At least from me. Stay with love.

  6. It's good you're bulda Go ahead, please. I've been reading your novels quickly for 2 days since you and your block. Welcome back.

    1. Thank you very much. See my latest update I will publish the next chapter Oct.1st.

  7. Hi do you have any updates even if its only text response